Best Vacation Spots in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country that must be experienced once in a lifetime. The country offers a unique mix of history, nature, food and architecture. With full of adventure, Norway is one of the safest and mainly diplomatic countries in the world. Norway is filled with beautiful mountains, churches, lighthouses and magnificent fjords, so, if you are traveling to Norway, for the first time, you must be wondering what are the must-see attractions in the country and what are the best things to do nearby.

Here are some of the best things to do in Norway that you really shouldn’t miss.

Oslo- No visit to Norway is complete without a visit to Oslo. The capital and largest city of Norway, Oslo is famous for its historical sites, nature, ancient museums and for a vibrant nightlife. The city is covered with lush forests, parks and green space which makes this perfect spot for hiking and cycling.

Western Fjords Norway’s popular fjords are found all through the country, but the most popular and breathtaking fjords are widely found in the Western Norway flanked by Molde and Stavanger. In spite of the fact that the western fjords differ somewhat in appearance, they are for the most part generally narrow, encompassed by the vertical rock faces, high mountains and very deep. A visit to the famous fjords include Naeroyfjord and Geirangerfjord is a must.

Lofoten Islands If you want to see some of Norway’s beautiful landscapes, Lofoten is the right place for you. Weather in Lofoten is quite unpredictable, so it’s better to carry rain gear and warm clothes with you. It is a popular spot among those who loves outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, skiing, surfing, and cycling.

Bergen Surrounded by beautiful mountains and fjords, the beauty of Bergen is incomparable. The colorful wooden houses images come to our mind when we think of Norway. In Bergen you can enjoy the delicious fresh seafood at some of the finest restaurants. Gateway to the fjords of Norway, is also a picturesque drive away from Oslo on the Oslo-Bergen rail line. The train passes all the way through forests, plateaus, and the fjords in one of the most stunning train journey out there. A UNESCO listed, Bergen is a vigorous city with a lot to offer within traditions, music, theatre and amazing nightlife.

Stavanger- Located in southwest Norway, a stopover to the Stavanger is a must during your visit in Norway. A home to the ancient Stavanger Cathedral and colorful houses, the city is surrounded by breathtaking sandy beaches that add even more mystifying touches to the area. Travelers can enjoy hiking and sunbathe during the summers and winter is best for ice skating activity.

So, this is our guide to the 5 must see attractions to visit in Norway. Hopefully it should be easier for you to plan your trip and make the best of your time in this beautiful area in the Norway.