Self-guided Bicycle Tour Through the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is one of the scenic views on earth with an elating mix of mountain peaks and lush landscape. Surprisingly, this beautiful place is spread over 69, 000 square miles and is home to five national parks. While many people from different places take their private cars and public rides just to reach this city, some tourists prefer to bike around to see the best of it.

Bicycling through the Canadian Rockies can reach up to four days and is quite fun especially when you are with friends. It is also a great activity for the whole family. Are you ready to bike around the Canadian Rockies?  Here are some of the best itineraries you can follow during your self-guided cycle tour in the Canadian Rockies.

Day 1: 90 Miles Calgary to Banff

The way up from Calgary to Banff is a bit uphill which means you need to put more energy on your pedal. However, if you start the journey from 8am in the morning and head off from the downtown, you can reach Banff by 4pm.  The route out of Calgary is beautiful. There is no reason to bore as you bike. The bike path is also along the river which is the best part of it.

Day 2: Banff to Lake Louise to Field

After spending a night in Banff, you can cycle again to Lake Louise to Field. The trail is quite long but the bike trail is relatively quiet which means you can own the road all for yourself. Just be careful of elks munching down the road. They are extremely gorgeous but they can get very angry at times so you don’t want to go near them.

Day 3: Lake Louise to Rampart Creek

Contrary to what many people tell you, it is impossible to just bike around Banff.  On your third day, you can hitchhike to Rampart Creek and try some of their coolest cuisines. Canadians are really friendly and locals driving their cars are generous enough to take cycling tourists from Lake Louise to Rampart Creek. from Lake Louise you can also enter onto the Icefield Parkway which is 150 miles of National to Jasper.  

Day 4: Rampart Creek to Jasper

 From Rampart Creek, you can cycle again to Jasper which is a 50km biking trail. The way up to Jasper is uphill but the wind is a little colder compared to other parts of the Canadian Rockies. You need to wear an extra thick jacket to keep yourself warm as you cycle. There are many good hostels in Jasper where you can spend a day or night. From Jasper, you can cycle to Lake Maligne before going back to Calgary. The best way to go back to Calgary is to rent a one-way car.