Sweden is a Wonderful European Vacation

Sweden- it is the origin of IKEA, lingonberries and meatballs. But do you know there are more interesting things to do than asides from shopping for some furniture? You can soak yourself in the history of the country by going to the cathedrals, preserved sites of archaeological excavation and the palaces of royalty. Majority of families love to spend their day at the Junibacken Children’s Cultural Center, spend time with the tigers and lions at Kolmarfen Wildlife Park or even take a boat ride on the Gota Canal.

  • ABBA: The Museum

ABBA: The Museum is located in Stockholm. Here, visitors learn about the legendary Swedish band that produced some classic hit songs like Mama Mia and Dancing Queen. The fun doesn’t end there; guests are opportune to do more things than looking at the band’s costumes, gold records, and all their other memorabilia. Visitors can participate in a fun experience that will allow all interested persons to audition at the Polar Studio for a chance to become ABBA’s fifth member. At this fun spot, you’ll dance your heart out, and even get to try on some of the band’s costume.

  • Fotografiska

Fotografiska is situated in the heart of Stockholm; believe it- the art of photography here is overwhelming. This museum hosts a selection of high-end display of pictures from renowned photographers and up-and-coming talent. It also offers photography classes for those who wish to gain more knowledge about it. It also houses a gallery where art lovers can purchase photographs, a restaurant and a café. You can purchase tickets to Fotografiska by credit card at the museum or by using the Fotografiska app.

  • Drottningholm Palace

The Drottningholm Palace is an epitome of 17th-century European architecture and it also holds a position on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. “Drottningholm” means Queen’s Island, and as the meaning implies, it is the permanent home of the King and Queen of Sweden. With the exception of the King and Queen’s residences, the palace and its grounds are open to the entire public.

In addition to visiting these major places, you can also go to the Garden Society of Gothenburg, Gota Canal, and Gothenburg Museum of Art etc.